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Small Cars

Car wraps can improve your advertising campaign considerably. Wrapit USA can create a professional graphic for your cars vehicle wrap. There’s no better time than now to take your business to the street.

Small Trucks and Vans

Van wraps are one of the more common vehicle wraps on the market and investing in a van wrap will give you years of exposure and millions of impressions to potential clients.

Large Trucks

Box van wraps are mobile billboards that can be seen on any road in any city you are driving in. Wrapit USA can create a customized graphic that will continue to generate revenue for your business while increasing potential clients.

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Coca Cola does it, McDonalds does it, Wal-Mart does it and so does Mary’s Flowers. They all know something. Wrapping and Vehicle Graphics are the lowest cost per view of all the advertising mediums. WrapItUSA.com makes quality vehicle advertising easy. We have a 3 step process that brings our creative expertise and quality processes together with your knowledge of your business. We do it in a way that simplifies the experience. For ½ the monthly cost of a billboard stuck in the same place advertising to the same group of people; you will advertise in stunning 3D graphics to the most numerous and diverse groups of potential customers imaginable.

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The Power of Vehicle Graphics

A billboard on a busy street costs $10,000 a month and is viewed by 10’s of thousands of potential customers every day. Over a 4 year period that averages out to, not surprisingly, $10,000 a month. A vehicle wrap averages $2500 one time. It is viewed by 10’s of thousands of potential customers every day in different places. Over a 4 year period that averages out to $52 a month. Vehicle graphics (Wraps) are a cost-effective way for you to be noticed by thousands of people each day, and they make your vehicle look great! From simple pinstripes, to eye-popping digital graphics, we’ll custom design and apply graphics directly to your vehicle to give you a highly professional, dramatic image. Delivery Vehicles, Courtesy Vehicles, Buses, Trucks, Pick-Up’s, Race Cars, Tractors, Trailers, Boats, RV’s, Motorcycles, Airplanes, Helicopters – You name it, and we can wrap-it! No other form of advertising offers a lower cost per impression than full-color, photographic images, you’ll add a dynamic element that will make your company stand out from the competition. A single delivery truck with an effective graphic design can generate millions of visual impressions a year. That equates to thousands of people focusing their attention on your company and the products you showcase. All you need is WrapItUSA.com to have it work for you.